Soft proof on second monitor (thread renamed due to server bug)


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Aug 7, 2012
Catonsville, Maryland
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I want to find the best most reliable method to match the tones in an adjusted raw file to those in a proof copy in soft proofing mode. I tried to see the soft proof proof-copy and original adjusted raw file side-by-side on my second monitor using both survey and compare modes, but all I got was the original, pre-soft proof version of the adjusted raw file along side the same without soft proofing effects. Is there a way to see the soft proof and original, adjusted raw files side-by-side? If so, what do I need to do? Alternatively, could match total exposure be used in soft proofing mode to duplicate the adjustments done on the raw file that generated the proof copy?

As it stands now, I go back and forth between the adjusted raw file and its proof copy in soft-proofing mode watching and adjusting the histogram in the proof copy. That works but is labor intensive. I welcome advice on how best to achieve a match between the original and soft-proofed copy.

Thanks for the help.