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Slow backup and diagnosis

Aug 21, 2021
Lightroom Version
Lightroom Classic version: 10.4
Operating System
  1. macOS 10.14 Mojave
I decided to begin a new post because my previous post was mixed in with another one. I am new and learning the rules. Thank you for your patience! Below is Jim Wilde's comment I am responding to:

"A couple of hours" is simply not right for a backup of a 1.7GB catalog. Can you tell from the backup process if any of the stages seems to take up most of that time?

Where does the catalog reside? If it's on the same internal drive that you are backing it up to, then that's something you should consider changing (a system drive crash means you've lost the catalog and the catalog backups).

Unplugging external hard drives shouldn't have any effect on the speed of the catalog backup."

Thank you Jim. So I believe my catalog and backup both exist on the imac hard drive. Most of my photos are on external drives which I import and work on in LR. There are some still on the computer in various places, a hold over from many years ago when I was starting out. Also, I store select photos in a special collection area in LR. I believe the first checking of integrity takes the longest. However, the computer also freezes up from time to time during the backup which is unsettling! Actually, the whole computer is running slow. I pulled out my old imac (I purchased this one a few years ago) and the old one boots up in a snap unlike my newer one! Also, When I purchased the new imac, the transfer was done by the company. I wonder if something happened in the transfer? Looking at my old imac I notice that the backup file structure is a little different. Would that jam things up? Should I change the location of the backup to match the old one? However, I might relocate the backup to an external drive. Do you think this might make things run faster? Also, when my files were transferred some photos went missing. In fact, I had many photos in the old iphoto catalog which linked to LR and and none of those were transferred over. There are also other missing photos. Could this be jamming up the works? Should my next step be to try to get the photos all linked up as a first step in figuring out what is going on? What do you think might be a first step? Thank you in advance!
Glad that this has a successful conclusion.

This is an example which demonstrates the amount of orphaned data which can reside in a catalog. While it is possible that some of this may have been left, at some stage, by errors within Lr, especially in the early versions, Lr has been running so long by so many users on so many platforms that Adobe will have optimised the stability of their database processing in so far as what is practically possible.

We tend to forget that Lr can be asked to complete complex database updates on lots of metadata fields across very large number of image records. These processes may be running in the background even as you are using Lr for some other task. It s not surprising that these tasks can be...
Jun 3, 2015
SoCal, USA
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Thanks for the write up, this would reduce the size of my catalog file by about 4% (910MB -> 870MB).

You may want to add to your write up something regarding synced photos and synced collections. Since LRC can only sync a single catalog, the new catalog will have lost those connections to the data stored in the cloud. Not sure if there is an easy way to restore those connections without deleting all synced photographs prior to export and then re-syncing in the new catalog.