Shooting RAW from now on?!

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Laurel Austin

Oct 5, 2008
Kansas City
I am considering now that I have LR2 and have read that it is great when shooting RAW, like for a wedding esp., to Always shoot in RAW now.

How many of you are doing that?
The only problem I can foresee is that I would go through my cards faster than if I were using .jpg large
Cards are comparatively cheap. Raw is like shooting negative rather than slide film - you've got that little bit more latitude, and that is SO worth having.
Very helpful for finalizing my decision, esp. that poll! wow!
i recently switched to RAW and am not looking back at all!
its a good decision and has already allowed me to produce better final prints!
i'm no pro, just like taking pics and try to do the minimal adjustments but just having RAW allows SO MANY MORE possibilities!

and yeah, you'll need a few more cards but even 4gig cards are dirt cheap these days and there is always 16gig cards for a few more bucks if u don't want to switch.

happy shooting!
There are many arguments about RAW, for and against. I'm a total RAW shooter, and the one point that beats all the others is: With RAW there is no limit to how much you can "re-purpose" an image. Small JPG today, big TIF tomorrow - the options are limitless. Once you shoot in JPG, the deal is done. Those points are prob true of DNG - just haven't got there yet!
RAW is absolutely the best format to shoot in! For all the reasons listed and more. Don't forget about JPEG though. It still has it's place. If you need to get images out the door quickly (such as a journalist or sports shooter) then JPEG is the answer.

However, most DSLRs allow you to capture RAW + JPEG and that's what I would recommend in those cases. Then you have your JPEG to push out to your editor but you still have the RAW file for greater control and re-purposing!
Shooting RAW all the way for me too, and I would recommend it ESPECIALLY for wedding or other event photographers that has only one chance to capture their images, in usually less than perfect lighting conditions. Forget about CF card sizes. They are relatively cheap, so invest in two big ones, and get a portable photobank to download the one when its full. That way you should never run out of space in a single shoot/event.
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