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May 19, 2016
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I use collections (of various types) to organise my photos, and these can be up to 10000 images in size.

The problem I have is that as I move through a collection sorting keywording and editing, I might take a break and quickly look at another collection.

But when I come back to the first collection It opens back at image 1 (cue swearing and much scrolling).

Is there an option to allow a collection to open at the last browsing position?

A similar issue happens if I currently have a "rejected" picture selected and I go and turn on an attribute filter with "rejected" not displayed.

As my selected picture is not included in the display set I get bounced back to the top of the collection, instead of the "next non rejected picture" (which would make more sense to me).

A I missing a setting that I can change to allow this?

Apologies if there is a well known solution :O)
Welcome to the forum. The solution for me is two collections. The first collections is a static collection and will contain All of the images assigned to that collection. For illustration, let's name that collection "Collection A". Now take for example that you want to add a keyword to that collection that has no keywords.

If you create a Smart Collection with the following criteria:
{Collection}{Contains all}{Collection A}s
[Keywords}{doesn't contain}{a e i o u}​
"a e i o u" in the criteria field says to LR to look for "a OR e OR i OR o OR u" (i.e. any word containing any vowel) If there are no vowels present in the keyword field AND the image is in "Collection A", the image meets the criteria and gets included in the smart collection

In the beginning, the Smart Collection will contain all of the images in the static collection. As soon as you add a keyword to an image in the smart collection, the image no longer meets the criteria and disappears from the Smart Collection. When your Smart Collection is empty, you are done.

The Smart Collection criteria can be much more complex that the example and can contain more than two criteria If you have trouble setting up a Smart Collection to achieve exactly what you want to filter, come back here with some specific and we can craft your Smart Collection Criteria.
The first question was: if you switch back and forth between two collections, you will always end up with the first image selected, not the image you had selected in the first collection (unless that particular image exists in both collections when you make the switch).

Is there something you can do about this? Unfortunately, no. This is one of my greatest irritations with Lightroom. I know it's supposed to be high on a list of things to fix, but apparently nobody ever looks at that list...
Yeah, seems to be often requested; see Lightroom: Remember last image selected in each folder | Photoshop Family Customer Community

I'd also like saving workspaces too. The topic above mentions a plugin by Rob Cole, which is no longer available. Has anyone else made one?

I've used a filter on the metadata modification date, but that would only work I think if you auto write metadata to files, and is still kinda clumsy. I think I'll try Cletus suggestion.
Thanks for replying everyone... looks like it's a known issue when I was hoping that it would just be me being an idiot....
I only came across it recently when I started doing more than one thing at once - clearly I've not been trying hard enough in the past :)
I'll try to find a way to cope.. Cheers
For information, I found a simple workaround which it might be useful to share?
(I tried clee01l solution but it was too complex for me)

When I finish working with a big collection I now add a color label (red in my case, shortcut "6") to the last picture I've edited/keyworded etc. before closing.

Then when I return to that collection (at position 1, arghhh!) I just have to adjust the filter to show pictures labelled red, select the last red labelled picture and remove the filter to return to the correct place in the collection.

One click (or keypress) to mark position and 3 clicks (filter, select, unfilter) to get it back.

Minimum fuss, much less frustration, and can be used for any number of collections, and storing any number of positions.

Hope this helps someone.

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