Saving different versions - New catalog?

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Aug 22, 2009
Loire Valley, France
When I finish a piece, I immediately make a flattened sRGB version for my RedBubble site and a web portfolio version. How should this fit into my work flow? Right now, I'm just duplicating the image when I have it open and saving it to a folder outside the catalog.

I'm sure there is a better way to do this in the catalog? Would maybe be nice to have collections of items I've published.

Thank you for your help.
Are these files a result of a LR 'edit in PS' command or a result of export?

And do you actually need to keep them once you've published them, taking up disc space, or would collections containing the originals work for you?
They are opened from Lightroom - the layered PS files, but then I need to flatten, change mode, change color profile and save to jpg. I have an action for this, but then I'm not sure how to do these steps and keep the image in LR.

I should go back and watch the Kelby videos again. I remember he had something about saving a photograph to send to be printed and this is basically the same thing.

I really haven't used the Print and Web features of the program yet. I'm so used to doing it in PS.

I'm going to re-watch the videos today, but if you have any comments - would love to hear them. :)
Personally I think I'd just export to a temporary folder on my desktop, and then delete once I've put them on the website. I'd add a keyword or put them in a collection so I know which ones I've published.
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