Saving Development settings as a preset

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Aug 10, 2009
Newfoundland, Canada
I have a development setting that I want to save as a preset, so I can apply it to other pictures in the future. How do I save a development setting as a preset?

In the Develop Module, chose Develop / New Preset ... (or Ctrl+Shift+N), give it a name and specify what adjustments to include.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to this forum. I have been searching for this answer for 3 days ! I knew it had to be something of a simple answer in wanting to know just how to save my own preset, but I could not find answers anywhere at all during a thorough Google search. I joined this forum to ask the question and found it within 3 minutes!
Hi, alternatively, you can also hit the + icon on the Develop Presets Panel in the right panel of the Develop Module. It will give access to the same dialog box as the menu command does. As noted, only check the checkboxes that are necessary for the effect you want to replicate. Uncheck everything else, or you may inadvertently apply develop settings to other pictures you don't want.
Suppose you want to save a preset for a post crop vignette, but the picture you use for creating the preset was accidentally badly underexposed, so you add + 3 exposure compensation. If you were to check not only the Post Crop Vignette in the Create Develop Preset Dialog box, but simply check everything, it would add that + 3 exposure compensation to whatever picture you apply that preset too, regardless of whether that picture needs it or not...
One more recommendation on a custom User Preset: after you get it set, export it to a Lightroom Stuff folder on your computer because I just discovered that it stays with that specific catalogue only. If you create a new catalogue (ie: Venice trip), the User Preset is not in the new catalogue and must be imported. Also, in case your catalogue gets corrupted, your User Preset is saved, and can also be shared with LR friends. Have a great day.

Develop mode: User Preset > right click > Export
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Great advice, Victoria. Yes, having more than one catalogue can be tricky but I need to keep my personals separate from my business - my brain prefers it. :smile: Thanks for that link.
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