safely move photo from Publish Services "Deleted Photos to Remove" collection?

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Jan 29, 2013
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I had been working on keywords in the folder in which this photo resides. I had used the Publish Services back on 18 February to publish it to my flickr photostream.

This is a small post of it.

Of course, with my messing around with keywords, its keywords changed and so in my flickr Publish Services, it moved from Published Photos to the collection Photos to Republish (or some such wording)

I right-clicked and chose remove from collection.

Now it's residing in Deleted Photos to Remove collection.

See below.


Right-clicking doesn't seem to give me an option for putting it back in Published, or Republish.

I don't want to delete it. I didn't even want to republish it as that causes all the links to the photo to be removed. I've posted it at the Canon forum and republishing will break those links.

I really don't want to delete it.

So I have two questions:

1) If I click on the Publish button below, what will really happen?
2) How can I avoid deleting it from anywhere?

Okay, three questions:
3) How could I have avoided this situation? (besides not changing its keywords) I wanted to just not to have to republish it, so I really had wanted it to go from the Republish collection, back into the Published collection.

I have some other photos that I would like to publish to my photostream, but I'm afraid that when I do, something will also be done to this photo.

Hopefully I've explained this in an understandable fashion?
Okay, all is well.

Right after posting my questions, I went back to Lr.

I dragged the photo from that "Deleted Photos to Remove" collection down to "photostream" and it rejoined all the other Published Photos.

The number of published photos jumped back to 30, from the 29 that shows in the screenshot above.

So, if I mess about with keywords, and a previously published photo now shows in the collection to republish, can I drag it down to the photostream, and that'll put it back where it belongs?
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When you change keywords or other metadata, and images move from "Published" into the "Modified to Republish" section, to move them back into the "Published" section, you can right-click and select "Mark as Up-To-Date".

Edit: BTW, hitting "Publish" while you have a photo in the "Deleted Photo to be Removed" section means only that the photo will be removed from the site to which you are publishing. There is no risk to you actual images in Lightroom, and if you had hit "Publish" with the photo in that state and the photo was removed from the publish site, then you could simply have added it back to the collection and re-published it again. However, you found the quicker way!
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Thanks Jim, for the info about right-clicking Mark as Up To Date.

And your BTW info was what I suspected. It would have been a hassle to republish, then post again in the other forum.
In case someone else has the same question/problem, I'm posting this screenshot with diagram of to where I dragged the photo.


I dragged the photo from "Deleted Photos to Remove" down to "Photostream" under the Flickr heading in Publish Services.

Before that, I had been trying to drag it down to Published Photos, but it wouldn't go there.

And thanks again to Jim for letting me know about right-clicking and choosing "Mark as Up To Date" when photos end up in Photos to Republish. That's happening a lot as I change my keyword list to hierarchical.
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