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Roll paper printing

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Jan 6, 2016
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Lightroom classic 10.4
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  1. macOS 11 Big Sur
i am hoping to print (Epson F53DAO or R2000 running version 16.2) a series of panoramas. I want to use roll paper that i have which is 13 inches wide, and id like my final images to be 12”x 48”. I have created a template to print these. Ive made my cell size 12x48 thinking that it will give a half inch around the image (really at top and bottom as the sides will need trimming regardless). I have not left any white space around the cell, trying to maximize the image size. Is this going to cause problems? (Could make cell 13x49 and place image inside). I have also read that exporting to jpeg, rather than printing from Lr should be best ?? Any comment? This will be my first time using roll paper ands id like to get it right the first time if possible given the materiel cost. Any other tips/advice would be gratefully appreciated.
I don’t have exactly the same printer, but I have printed panoramas on my Epson 3880. If the image size you want is 12" x 48", then it is fine to have the cell size be exactly that. One thing the cell size does is that if you turn on crop marks, the cell size defines where the crop marks go, which might be important for when you trim it.

Leaving a half inch all around is probably going to work OK. However…looking at the R2000 specs, the maximum print size is 13" x 44" so if that is true, you can’t print 48 inches long on that printer.
I have an Epson P5000 with 17" rolls and print 16 x 48. You will need to set the paper size to 13 x 48 or possibly longer. This may not work if the max length is only 44 ". It could be a limitation of the printer memory. Look up the specifications to be sure. It would be a waste to only get 44" of 48" print.

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yes specs say 44". disappointing but not as disappointing as finding out after the fact. thanks
i have a windows laptop, but it does not have Lr on it. don't know anyone with that system.
I think the problem becomes how to do color management. Printing from LrC allows you to manage color from there using paper profile. How to create an output file in LrC with that profile to print without color management on the printer. I think you can make a TIFF file output that way. Do a small example print via Windows first to verify color match to print from LrC using color management.

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