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Restoring plugins after preferences reset?

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Sep 28, 2008
Tacoma, WA
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Lightroom Classic CC version 7.4
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  1. macOS 10.13 High Sierra
To solve a problem I was having with videos displaying incorrectly, the good folks at the Adobe forum suggested I reset LR preferences, which I did and fortunately, that solved my video display problem.

I had expected that my UI preferences would disappear, and I took screenshots of all of the LR and catalog preferences screens before resetting (I also kept a copy of the old prefs file).

What I had NOT expected was that most of my plugins would no longer be loaded. I realized that the ones that did not get preserved were plugins that were in a custom location I had chosen, whereas the ones that DID survive the preferences reset were installed in a location chosen by the plugin installer rather than by me.

Is there a way to avoid having to manually load each of the plugins that didn't survive the prefs reset and manually reentering serial numbers, etc.?
Not now, but for the future (in case you have to reset your preferences again) you already gave the answer yourself: store your plugins in the default location. I don't see any advantage of storing them elsewhere.
It was so long ago I can't remember where, but I vaguely recall reading some advice somewhere to store the plugins someplace where one can more easily organize them, if one has a lot of them, which I do. Also, since it probably adds overhead to have plugins, when I've tried one and found it interesting but not of current use, I remove it from LR but keep it in the organized plugin tree (subfolders of plugins) for possible future use. I'm not saying this potential advantage is persuasive; it's just an explanation of why I did what I did. But this would be a time to reconsider that strategy!
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