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Aug 24, 2012
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I'm uploading images from many photographers, and they all use my basic file naming convention. However, when I upload I want to add file name information to their existing file names without erasing their file names. How do I do that? For instance: 20120827_ZZZ_169.jpeg and I want to add one section _MORE_ without changing the existing name, so it becomes 20120827_ZZZ_MORE_169.jpeg, Note the sequence number is the same.
This is not an automated method, but you can press F2 (this is on a PC, I'm not sure about a Mac). The current filename is displayed and you can edit it -- in this case inserting text without changing anything else.

You need a file naming preset template on import (or rename after the fact using the same preset. However you are not likely to get exactly what you wish. There are two file name tokens that might help. One is called {filename} and would include the complete file name before the extension In your example this would be "20120827_ZZZ_169" . The other token is {Filename number Suffix}. This would be the "169" in your example. This would easily produce a File name Preset {filename}_MORE_{Filename number Suffix} where "MORE" is custom text that you add. This would easily produce a file renamed to "20120827_ZZZ_169_MORE_169.jpg" So, you see the problem.

Alternately you could create a preset with the following specification and custom text "Custom Text that duplicates the Prefix and adds MORE_{
Filename number Suffix} This would result in a new file name ""20120827_ZZZ_MORE_169.jpg" Where you supply all of the text that precedes the last (_) and LR picks up the 169 from the imported file name
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