Remove keyword from keyword list but keep it with photos

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Oct 18, 2010
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I have some keywords that will never be used again so I want to remove them from the keyword list however I want the keywords to remain with the photo.

Is there a way to do this or archive the keyword?
I wounder if you might elaborate on your need a bit, maybe there's a better way to achieve what you want? Something with keyword sets? Synonyms?
I have photos from about 10 years ago where I used the names of people as a keyword. No longer associated with these people but they live in my keyword list. Gets old when I'm adding keywords and see their names coming across. At best I'd like to archive these names to keep them with the photo but no longer in my list.
How about creating a keyword "Archive" and move each of them under "Archive" and collapse it in the list. It's still there but not very visible?

I have a similar issue using keywords for player names on some teams, and over the years players come and go; I keep the old ones under a "Prior" hierarchy.

There are also keyword sets; I do not use them so won't guess whether they would help but you could look.
Ok, sounds like a good option. So create "Archive" with the names under it like a subfolder.
Well, yes, or more precisely first create Archive, then drag and drop the names under it.

Note you can decide when you create it whether or not this parent keyword (e.g. "Archive") should be exported, i.e. included explicitly when you export photos.
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