Recent Sony A7RV purchase… My 2 cents.

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Mar 21, 2015
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I am delighted that Lr now supports the Sony A7RV.

However, I just wanted to post some feedback after getting mine recently (preordered on day of launch).

I know there are a whole bunch of new features …yet to be properly explored, …… but the item which brings me most immediate joy is the revised combination of buttons and menu system.

On the arrival of digital, I shot Canon 10d, 20d, skipped the 30d, got the 40D, 5d, 5dm2.

I got the Sony A7 as a travel camera when it was launched, with 40 mm tiny prime. I tried hard to like this item…. but I found it had way too many flaws. It was only then that I properly appreciated the ergonomics of the Canon system. I tracked the evolution of the Sony system and felt comfortable converting to Sony for my main system with the arrival of the a7r3. Most of the issues I found with the original a7 had been resolved by then. While I got used to the ergonomics of the a7r3, it’s form and function and menu system were still, in my opinion, sub par.
Over the last few days, I have put a little effort into configuring the a7rv. My conclusion. I am seriously impressed with the overall usability of this new tool/instrument and feel that the evolution of the menu system has reached a point where the menu system is now a platform for efficiency rather than the barrier to usability it once was. I can see that Sony has put substantial effort into improving so many aspects of this and truly believe it is a game changer.

I reckon I have most of my config complete…. just need to do some fine tuning on how I want to handle subject tracking… which I need more field experience to refine. I am genuinely looking forward to exploring the new photography related features of this camera.

I have been waiting for this development for so long and thrilled that this day has arrived.

I have the A7RIV. I love the camera, curious if you think the upgrade is worth considering?

I do not have a deep enough appreciation of the a7r4 to really comment. I am familiar with the A1 and know if I owned the A1 I would miss and be envious of features in a7rv and not in a1. I suspect if a93 arrives it will have most if not all the new features, leaving a1 users, for a while, behind some of the curves. But A1 had its unique talents also. Also, optimum time for me to get best value from trading in the a7r3. I sense a difficult choice if I had the a7r4.
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