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RAW Import and Import Preset

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John Hoffman

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Feb 26, 2018
Conway, NH, USA
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Hello. I searched several variations and have not been able to find an answer.

Is it possible to set a RAW Default with a preset in LrC and an additional Import Preset such that the imported file has the combined settings of both presets?
Hmmmmm good question. I think so, as long as the import dialog preset only has specific checkboxes checked, but I haven't tested recently.
You talk about an ‘import preset’, but I get the impression that you mean a develop preset that is applied upon import. An import preset is something else and can most certainly be combined. In my experience it depends on what you check in that develop preset. You cannot overrule anything that the camera default does, with this extra preset. For example: if the camera default is set to auto-adjust, then you cannot change the Whites or Blacks sliders with the develop preset in order to overrule what the auto adjust did to these sliders. You can change non-related sliders, however.
You cannot overrule anything that the camera default does, with this extra preset.
I was curious about this, so I did some testing, and I observe different behavior. In general, a preset set by Apply During Import does overrule any settings of the raw defaults, though Auto Settings is the exception to that rule.

I defined a preset "Camera Default" that sets all the Tone sliders:


and I set that as the raw default in Preferences > Presets > Global. I defined another preset, "Exposure = 0", that just sets Exposure = 0.

When I import a raw and set Import > Apply During Import > Develop Settings to "Exposure = 0" , I see that all the Tone sliders are as set by the raw default preset "Camera Default", except for Exposure, which is as set by the Apply During Import preset "Exposure = 0":


Auto Settings is, as usual, the exception to this rule. In my testing, when the raw defaults specify Auto Settings, any attempt by an Apply During Import preset to override an auto-settings slider is ignored. This is consistent with a very old bug in which applying Auto Settings to a batch of photos causes subsequent applications of batch settings to be ignored:

Though that bug is marked as "solved", reading through my replies, I see that in LR 7.3.1, Adobe fixed some but not all of the symptoms, and then some of the symptoms came back in a later release:

I haven't done any further testing on this. It was pretty clear to me at the time that there was an architectural design defect in how Auto Settings deferred its computation of the actual auto settings when applying in batch. In general, later LR teams haven't been very skilled at fixing deeper architectural problems.
Right! I only tested overruling Auto Settings, because I think that is the only thing that makes any sense. If you want to overrule other settings, then it makes more sense to me to leave these settings out of your camera defaults to begin with, and always apply them via a specific develop preset.
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