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RAW files imported in Classic, edited in mobile not synching back to Classic?

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New Member
Mar 21, 2020
Lightroom Version
Lightroom Classic version: 10.4
Operating System
  1. macOS 11 Big Sur
Hello Lightroom Hive,

I have a fairly developed, if painful, workflow that involves mostly Lightroom Classic and the mobile app on iPad Pro. I import JPEGs and RAW into Classic, add them to a synched collection, they eventually show up in the iPad where I cull and process them mainly for speed and ease of carrying edits from photo to photo.

This morning I ran into something that is new, unfortunate and could not have come at a worse time as I have to deliver on a job I did.

As usual, I uploaded photos to Classic. I meant to shoot RAW, but started in JPEG and then switched. So my upload was 10 JPEGs and 60 RAW. As usual, they showed up on iPad and I edited them: set profile, fixed lighting, cloning, etc.

It often takes an inordinate amount of time for the cloud edits to synch back to Classic, where it sits with a happy green checkmark even though there are edits queued up to synch. Sometimes it take quitting and restarting Classic to jumpstart the synch.

What I noticed today is that after the usual delay the JPEG edits synched up (from iPad/cloud to Classic), but the RAW are not synching up no matter what. Not the edits, not even the ratings and flags. No matter how man times I restart Classic or click Pause/Start Synching. Has anyone seen or can explain this behavior? Is this a new bug?

I know in the past I had to leave Classic overnight for the cloud edits to come through. It sat confidently and comfortably with a green checkmark before I went to bed, but in the morning the edits where there. Who, how and why wakes it up and tells it to synch, I will never know. I would hate to wait a day to find out whether my edits will come through.

If you are wondering why such workflow, I need Classic to publish photos to SmugMug and Flickr, and I like the idea of storing RAW on hard drives with only previews going to he cloud, which are usually enough for culling and editing. And I can't stand how slow my Classic with 195K photos in the library has become over the years. In the past, I could always cull and edit RAW (represented by the previews) on the iPad.

Thanks in advance for any tips on my problem or on improving my workflow.

Every time LR pops up a survey, I always write the same thing: "Fix the synching, fix the synching, fix the synching." It's almost like they don't read me.
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