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Rant! Why are slideshows so different between LR desktop, web, and mobile?

Dec 2, 2016
Loveland, Colorado
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I'm new to LR. Maybe my 40 year career in a two platform mainframe/PC IT environment did not adequately prepare me for what to expect when the output goes to the internet and mobile platforms also. I expected that whatever I created on the developer's platform, ie desktop, would carry forward to the web and mobile LR outputs as well. At least a substantial share of characteristics and features, particularly with an entity like a slideshow. Adobe touts synchronizing entities between platforms as a very desirable characteristic provided by the LR products. Some of the slideshow differences I see are:

1) Music added on LR desktop is absent from the web and mobile versions
2) Location of metadata field values that on the desktop either surrounded the slideshow image or overlaid it is either absent or has moved to a totally different location when viewed on the web or mobile
3) The default image/slide sequence established on LR desktop is lost when it moves to web and mobile

I realize that today's younger generation is way more internet and mobile app savvy than a 70 year old like myself. I also understand each platform has limitations that would preclude having a mirror image of a slideshow move from desktop to web to mobile. Perhaps consistency across platforms is not a priority to the majority of LR customers. It was my hope that once I archived my boxes of family photos, slides, negatives, videos, documents, I could then make them available at least on the web with a very user friendly interface my family could use for at least a few years.

I would like to hear what your reaction is to my thoughts on slideshow inconsistency. If you know of ways I can minimize or correct the inconsistencies please let me know.
Jun 20, 2009
Houston, TX USA
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My career parallels yours. I can even match your three score and ten years. And I listened to Cousin Brucie on AM radio in the 60s.
Perhaps one advantage that I have is that I developed and programmed Websites. Web languages are interpretive rather than compiled They are nothing like Fortran, Cobol, or even C++. Remember that Adobe owns ColdFusion and the DreamWeaver coding tool. Common languages used in Websites are PHP, Java/Javascript and others with funny sounding names.

The Lightroom App lets you create three types of slideshow. PDF, JPEG or Video. Each requires a special app on the computer to view the Slideshows results
In LR the basic unit is the image. If individual JPEGs are created, these are stored on a local drive and subject to the same file sorting constraints as any other file stores in a file folder on a PC or a Mac This is why it is important to understand hoe the app that will be used will read the JPEGs created. The Default sort order is file name. So it is common to sort your images in LR and create a unique file naming scheme that includes a file sequence number. Then the Slideshow app will display the images in the file sequence based upon their name. LR has a basic Slideshow viewer built in and this can eve have a soundtrack associated with it. More likely you are going to use the Slideshow viewing app that comes with Windows. Especially if you share the images with friends on their computer that won't have LR. It will know nothing about the soundtrack file. The other two options, PDF and Video do allow you to embed both images and soundtrack
Now lets look at LR Mobile and LR Web. LR web is a repository for images maintained in your LR master catalog to be shared with you mobile device via the LR Mobile app on that device. Neither the web page (which incidentally is an after thought for LR Mobile) not the LR Mobile App has the sophistication or the ability to support a sound track. They simply are not programmed that way though they could be. Both these Adobe products need to mature and will only improve if people want these features.
So Back to the LE Slideshow module. If you want a portable slide show with a sound track you need to generate a MP4 video and then Any web browser can play it and you can even sync it with LR Mobile to play on your mobile device.