question about migrating to new computer

Sep 5, 2015
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Windows 10
I'm about to buy a newer, swifter system -- 8 year old architecture is getting too troubled by all the LR & PS CC advances (and the hardware is slowly giving up.) Since my computer background extends way back into DOS days, I stayed folder oriented as I added pix. The I realized that in order to get my travel images, with their edits, onto my regular computer I had to export them as a catalog. Since that was just a small set, I had no problems. Soon I will be faced with a much more complicated situation.

Hence my question -- how do I do this transfer & get everything over to the new system? Everything now includes, not only the raw files & all the post processing, and the resultant jpg's, but also tiff files, psd files (because I played around a lot with the jpgs,) and moto z jpgs that my phone spits out (that often go through LR processing to improve what motorola gives me.) As

I write this, I am thinking that hand copying everything, then going into the old LT & creating catalogs of major pieces, exporting these & them importing them into the new computer might be the only way to get it all over. Is this true? Is there a better way?