PS 10 Classic ICC profiles not showing


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Apr 26, 2021
Bozeman, Montana
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Lightroom 10
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  1. macOS 10.15 Catalina
CRIKIE! Been dealing with this issue all summer, not finding a workaround to fix it. That being......first.....Lightroom Classic is finding all my ICC profiles along with all other applications....but not PS Classic 10. I am using an iMac running Catalina os. When I go to print and to select a print profile all I get are the standard PS profiles. I've done everything recommended on the web and all YouTube videos. I've gone through my users/library, the other library, the system/ library and see all the profiles. Deleted them from colorsync in each and printers (Canon Pro9000 Mark II) including in the show contents folder. I've re-added them in each and done restarts in each library.....thinking....they needed Catalina to authorize them....which it didn't damnit. I've had them all and/or just some in each library at once but no go. I am not going to reinstall Catalina to do a test that way. So................what'cha think? Any other ideas. By the way, these are Canon drivers, Red River, Hanahamule (sp) etc. for my paper. And...I do not mind printing via LR, just don't like tools that don't work.