Prophoto RGB set Photoshop displaying different shadow detail than LR Dev Mode


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Jun 3, 2024
Operating System
  1. macOS 14 Sonoma
M1 Mac Studio 4Tb, BenQ4k 27" display running PaletteMaster with xrite i1 pro. Display set to calibrated profile. PS RGB working space is Prophoto, though same problem occurs in AdobeRgb1998. Lightroom Classic 13.3, Camera raw 16.3, PS 2024, OS sonoma 14.5

Opening Raw files from LRC into PS. PS working space is set to Prophoto. Images open into PS through "edit in" menu in LR. When viewing same file on single display in PS window and LRC devmode window, the image in PS looks different. It is more similar to how the same file looks when viewed in LRC Library Mode. Shadow depth is flattened and stripped of detail. Saturation is reduced specifically in the darkest areas.

I have spent hours on-the-line with Adobe and Apple, each running me around. Adobe keeps advising I work in srgb which is not an option at the level our studio works. Have created new users and new volumes to test the issue. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the Creative Cloud, PS, and LRC twice. Have reset PS settings. I have recalibrated using Calibrite three times and PaletteMaster 4 times.

Problem persists.

Adobe tried to explain that the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile was missing from my profile folders because the names of the sRBG profiles are different. Not sure how this would be the issue as it only affects PS and not LRC. Nor am sure how it could be the issue as I am not working in that color space. Nonethess, I changed the names of the profiles to match "sRGB IEC61966-2.1" I also ran colorsync util and repaired or deleted any broken profiles.

Best way I can describe it is that the image in PS looks as if a down-converted file is being viewed on a wider gamut space.