Printing problem since upgrading to Windows Anniversary Edition (build 14393.187)

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Sep 29, 2016
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Since doing the above I get a heavy magenta cast when printing from Lightroom 6.7 (though everything looks fine in both Library and Develop modules). I had no problems before the upgrade to Anniversary Edition.

The problem occurs on my old Epson photo 1290 (which I use for A3 prints) and also on my Canon Pixma iP4200 so would not appear to be printer driver specific.

The problem does not occur on either printer if printing from Corel Photo Paint or from Microsoft Photo Editor so the problem would seem to be Adobe specific.

Suggestions welcome!
Magneta cast can be caused by "double profiling".

In Lightroom print settings what do you have set for Color Management? Is it profile "managed by printer" or "other"?

If using "other" then double check the printer driver setting hasn't changed and set it to no color management.

If using managed by printer check that it is loading the correct ICC profile for your paper. Maybe the AU update changed the printer back to default settings.
Thanks very much Ad Astra. Somehow the upgrade changed the printer settings. I have changed the driver back to "no color management" and the cast has disappeared.
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