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Printing issues in Mac Ventura

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Mar 3, 2015
Austin, TX
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  1. macOS 12 Monterey
Okay, I've held off upgrading for a long time now, but realized the complaints I see are with Epson printers and it forgetting settings. I use a Canon printer. Am I going to have the same issue as Epson users? I print often enough that I don't want to mess with triple checking settings all the time.
I'm the same as you and haven't upgraded to Ventura yet. I also use a Canon printer but have seen people reporting problems with Epson, Canon and Hp printers. I notice that the LRQ blog regarding Adobe and Ventura compatibility still recommends not installing Ventura if you want to print.
Does anyone know if Canon image garden can be used to print with Ventura ?
Surely there must be other Mac users who want to print from Lightroom and have a solution.
Well, maybe it doesn't affect Canon printers? Or we are the last to try. I'm on the verge of ordering a Mac Studio which will have Ventura on it, so I guess I can test on it and have my laptop as a back up for printing.
Is it worth trying some sort of Rip for printing as a longer term solution.
Right now I have a good workflow for printing. If I go up to a big roll printer, I'll definitely move out of LR for printing.
I've been printing with my Canon Pro-10 from my iMac (Late 2015) under Monterey without any issues. While I have printed from within LR, I normally use the Canon Print Studio Pro plug-in for my printing. Even though my iMac is not officially supported under Venture (macOS 13), I have updated it and I'm running macOS 13.5.2 without ANY issues; including printing from LR (either natively or using the Canon plug-in).
As of tonight I've given up printing to my Canon Pro-1000 from LrC and PS on Ventura. I can't roll back my OS on my Studio. I mean, color management IS rocket science but it used to work, right? I've f****d around for weeks, trying various workarounds to no avail and I'm tired of being frustrated and angry. Life is too short to keep geting mediocre, unpredictable prints and wasting expensive ink and good paper.
HOWEVER, I'm happy to report that Canon's Professional Print and Layout utility has now successfully output prints that match my calibrated and hardware-profiled monitor. An extra step to export an image to then drop into CPPL, but it works. I've not tried Image Garden.
Rip software is specialist printer software which sits between an application and a specific range of printers. In many cases (maybe all) it replaces the printer driver and is designed to streamline printing workflow. It is maintained by the supplier so it works with defined operating systems and versions of operating systens. RIPs often include options such as optimising placement of images on roll media, ability to log and repeat individual print jobs (including remembering what images were printed), batch operation of printing jobs, monitoring of folders for new print jobs, etc. They vary in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars and are also priced based on the size of the printer.

Some time ago I seriously considered getting Rip software and had investigated options available. However, the volume of my printing reduced to the extent that buying a Rip was no longer attractive.
I do know specialist and well regarded printers of fine art, who use Rip software on all their printers.

If printing is important to you then Rip software becomes relevant. If you are only printing occasionally then the Expense of a Rip is a barrier.

I am not a Rip expert and do not know enough to recommend any particular products.
Mac Mini M1 2020, Monterey 12.6.7 and LR Classic work ok with the Epson P 900. I prefer not to upgrade to Ventura if not sure not to have problems.
Hopefully Adobe is working on it.
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