Printing Calibrite ccStudio Test Chart with macOS Sonoma V14.4.1 on Canon Pro-10

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Oct 21, 2015
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Using Precision Colors inks and Red River paper in LrC with RR profiles gives me "OK" results, but I can't help but think that creating a custom .ICC profile would make them that much better.

I have an older Colormunki Photo from X-Rite, which is now supported by Calibrite. In reading the Calibrite FAQ about creating test prints within ccStudio, after clicking "Print" the Color Test Chart, opening the printer driver, selecting ColorSync (NOT vendor matching), then Generic RGB. After pressing "Print" from ccStudio and scrolling to Printer Options then Color Matching the first time I select the "i" I see "ColorSync is selected, but it is greyed out. If I click cancel and then go back in, "Canon Color Matching" is selected and the options to change are greyed out. Cancelling back out to ccStudio and clicking "Print" again, the first time I see "ColorSync" is selected, but greyed out. Subsequent times "Canon Color Matching" is chosen and greyed out.

In reading a few posts on various forums, it seems this is an Apple issue, and some suggest using Preview to open an image, in the print dialogue box the option to choose the steps mentioned in the Calibrite FAQ is valid. Then save that as a preset. When I go back to ccStudio and try to apply that saved preset, the same results occur (first time ColorSync is selected, but greyed out, subsequent attempts the option changes to Canon Color Matching and is greyed out.

Another workaround mentioned is to save the target file as a .tif within ccStudio and then use Photoshop to print the target. In Photoshop Color Management choose "Generic RGB Profile" for the printer profile. If I click on "Print Settings", then "Printer Option" then "Color Matching", I get the same things; the first time "ColorSync" is selected and greyed out, subsequent times, "Canon Color Matching" is selected and greyed out.

Am I better to print from ccStudio and assume that "ColorSync" is chosen, or do the same process from Photoshop? Does it matter? Is there a solution or workaround for this issue? I've sent an email to Calibrite support and hope they have a suitable resolution. In the meantime, any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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