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Printing a mix of rectangular, rounded corners and oval shaped images in a Pkg.

Nov 1, 2007
Boucherville, Québec, CANADA
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Printing a mix of rectangular, rounded corners and oval shaped images in the same print package.

This may be the very first Lightroom version 3 Tip & Trick all around even if it is not released yet as I am writing this but you can already try it using the Lightroom 3 Beta 2 (current).

I heard some whining about the come back of the original vignetting effect introduced in Lightroom 2 which is using black or white painting overlay. Mostly, what I heard from those complaining was that it will be useless with the introduction of two much more realistic methods so, why bother? Thus, this made me think about what would be a good use for it?

So here it is: Under the "Vignettes" panel "Post-Crop" section, select the old style overlay (paint overlay). Bring the "Feather" slider to the left or zero value. If you are printing with a white background then slide the "Amount" completely to the right which is a value of +1''. You now get the oval shape that you can incorporate in your print composition. Wishing round corners for another one? Then do the same and bring the "Roundness" slider to the left to taste. The lower the value, the smaller the round corners. Sliding it completely to the right will give you a round but if you do not want it to be cropped top-bottom or on the sides, first crop for a 1:1 ratio.

Another new feature in Lightroom 3 is the ability to choose the background color in the Print module. White, black or any color for that matter. Thus, if you want a black background, just slide the "Amount" slider to the left (-1'') rather than to the right as noted above.

While Lightroom 3 is at Beta 2, I now have to request that they add a color choice to the old vignetting style to be able to match any background color choosen :D

Enjoy Rule #5 and have fun!