Print settings not be kept.

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Dec 3, 2007
I upgraded the Vista driver for my Pixma Pro9''' printer to the latest (Dec 8th, 2''8 I think) and then noticed that any changes I made to the printer settings (within the printer dialogs) we're not being kept. If I changed for instance the print quality to 'High' hit 'OK' and then came back in it would be back at 'Medium' again. At first I thought this was a Pixma driver issue but noticed I didn't have same problem in any other application.

I think I fixed the problem by changing to a completely different printer (a non-pxima printer) within Lightroom and then switching back to the Pixma. From them on the settings would keep.

Anyone else seen this issue? This is Lightroom 2.3.

Not open for further replies.