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preview unavailable for this file

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Jan 6, 2016
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Lightroom Classic version: 12.2.1 [ 202303011008-5bfbce17 ]
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  1. macOS 12 Monterey
when importing from a camera memory card (new Lexar professional), no previews are shown, just message "preview unavailable for this file" in each cell. the device label box under source states 64 GB sony followed by a ? in a small box. one preview is shown, a short movie from a previous import (fairly certain this was previously imported and i do have "new photos" and "don't import suspected duplicates" enabled). when this happened before i imported anyway and there didn't appear to be an issue, but think the preview option should work and wondering how to make this happen. shooting JPEGs (no raw)and occasional movie clip.
You say the images are from a new camera and are in the JPG format. Can you let us know what SPECIFIC camera (MAKE AND MODEL NUMBER) and what settings you used in the camera for the output files (this is many times in the "Quality" menu or "File type" menu).

A second test is to have Finder look at the memory card and see if it will display thumbnails.

It's also odd that a Lexar card would show up as a 64GB Sony so something is amiss that perhaps a Mac person can shed some light on.
Camera is a Sony NEX6. Aspect ratio 16;9, quality Fine, image size 14M L:14M (not sure if that is what you mean but dont see an ‘output file’
interestingly finder does not register the photos in question, only those from previous vacation. I can view the present images on the playback when the card is in the camera
Do you get better results by attempting to download the files from the camera using a USB cable?

I thought the issue might be a lack of SDXC support in the camera, but I've checked the Sony documentation and SDXC cards are supported, as you would expect for a camera released in 2012.

This sounds like a card that is defective or incompatible with your camera for some reason. If you can recover the files using a USB cable connected to the camera then I would format the card in the camera and treat it with suspicion. If you cannot recover the files using a USB cable to the camera, try another computer or a different card reader. If you cannot access the files at all, you will have to decide whether to try card recovery software or whether you can justify the cost of sending the card to a data recovery company.

I would be inclined to distrust the card from now on. I'd exchange the card if possible, considering it is new. If you cannot exchange the card then I would put the card in the e-waste and buy a new one considering that a 64GB SD card with a suitable speed rating for your camera is so inexpensive (a V30 UHS-I card is more than enough - there is no need for UHS-II or faster speed ratings). I would hesitate a little longer with a V90 UHS-II SD card or a CFExpress card, as they are still so expensive, but even then would be loath to trust the card again. Of course, what you do depends on how valuable your images are to you.
What connection have you with the card? Ass in directly connected to the camera, or in a card reader?

Also, is this showing in Lightroom under Devices or Files? If it's under Devices, try the same under the Files entry.
Thank you all very much.
Thinking back i probably renamed the card ‘sony’ to distinguish it from my other camera card. I still dont understand why it has a ‘?’ beside it. (Perhaps related to the renaming?) I have proceeded to import the photos w/o issue. The only question is why no previews were available. Could it all relate to the device being renamed?? Seems arbitrary.
The card is in my mac computer directly (has a card reader slot). I have been accessing the card via devices, when i try under files, no photos are found
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