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Nov 19, 2017
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Lightroom Classic 10.2
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  1. macOS 11 Big Sur
I transferred Lightroom classic from my old Mac to a new one and also downloaded Topaz Ai noise and added as a preset in the preference panel however ever time in the drop down menu on photos in edit in it keeps wanting to download Topaz again how do I delete it and start again?
Sounds like you select the installer rather than the app. Select the preset in the Preferences - External Editor tab, then click on the 'Choose' button and choose the correct application. Finally, select the preset menu again and choose 'Update Preset' at the bottom of the pop-up menu.
I tried that but it doesn’t update, when I choose I pick Topaz Ai Noise it just doesn’t show on the preset menu. I have three screenshots which shows that I choose and clear but still it wants to download the Topaz again.


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Johan was correct. In your second screenshot, the application is shown as TopazDenoiseAI-3.0.3-Online-Installer. You need to select the Topaz App.
That is exactly what I tried to do but I can’t and I cannot get rid of the online installer
Off to the right, there's a "Choose" button. Press that and navigate to where the Topaz app is on your Mac. Choose it. Don't choose the installer.

After you've chosen it, click on the Preset dropdown again and then click on the Update Preset line in the menu:
2021-04-23 19_28_20-Preferences.png
There is no update preset I have put more screenshots to show what I am doing


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After you have selected the correct app like you show in your last screenshot, you need to update the preset by clicking on it once again and choosing ‘Update’ all the way at the bottom. If you don’t do that, then Lightroom will continue to launch the wrong app when you use the menu. Alternatively, delete the preset and create a new one.
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