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Preset for Sharpening/Noise Specific to ISO

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New Member
Nov 15, 2007
Is it possible to create a single preset to apply varying levels of sharpening and noise reduction based upon ISO? This would be similar to how default settings can be made specific to ISO, but instead as a preset to apply to previously imported photos. I think the answer is no, but hopefully I'm wrong.

I have some otherwise developed photos using various ISOs that I'd like to tweak sharpening and noise on, preferably as a batch. I could click the reset button, which I think would set the sharpening and noise to the default (based on ISO), but then I'd lose all the tweaks to exposure, color, etc.

Feb 1, 2010
West Sussex, UK
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Not that I'm aware of.....

Think you'll need to make a preset for each ISO setting, then filter by ISO to find each specific value to match your presets to,
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