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Possible catalog corruption

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Aug 27, 2011
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Lightroom Classic version: 12.3
Operating System
  1. Windows 10

Helping a friend to solve a messy situation in his LR Classic catalog.
He has the catalog and his images on same USB disk - not ideal.
When you look in his Folders panel in Library mode it doesn't correlate to what's on the actual F: harddrive.
And even though Lightroom says a folder contains 41 images, no images are shown and message "No photo selected." is displayed.
When looking in Windows Explorer, these 41 images actually does exist.
Lightroom don't say or show that these images are missing and synchronize folder doesn't work. Sync get's stuck on "Counting..." unsynched images.
He has several LR ctalog backups but way back in time we still see the same issue.
He also mentioned that he "Reset Preferences" and thought that this all happened after that. Or maybe just a happening that he saw it after doing that (maybe not related).

Where should you even start to look to solve this?

Try deleting the Helper file (sits next to the Catalog files) then open Lightroom again.
I can get that message by being in Loupe view and hitting Ctrl-D which deselects everything. Try typing Ctrl-A and see what happens.
We found another catalog that was "almost" ok. Only 2022 images missing .
He will import these again and then we are fine.

Thanks for all advice!
Some more thoughts:

1. Just to check, you've restarted your computer?

2. Make sure the menu item File > Library Filters > Enable Filters is unchecked. (That's different than settings Filters Off in the Filter bar.)
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