Plugin (or other) to sync time on tethered camera

Jan 18, 2009
Fort Myers, FL
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Right now I use ViewNX* from Nikon to get Transfer which has a feature that, with a camera plugged in, you can sync its time to the computer. I use that every couple weeks to get the clocks accurate to within a second or so so when shooting with multiple bodies the pictures interleave correctly.

Yes, I know I can do a variety of things to sync them afterwards in metadata, but it's easier to get it right up front.

I went with Photo Mechanic for ingestion, and that's my last need for Nikon Software. Not to speak ill of Nikon as I like their cameras, but their software has a certain thing in common with a vacuum cleaner, and I'd just like it gone.

Is there a way with Lightroom, something I've missed in the tethered camera options perhaps, to sync clocks?

Or conversely, anyone seen a plugin for it that does so? Since Tethering is done with a plugin it seems at least possible?