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"Pinning" or saving a "Favourite" folder / photo import source location?

Aug 5, 2013
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  1. macOS 10.14 Mojave
Hi - happy holidays ahead to all!
As I'm closing out the calendar year it hit me once again how FRUSTRATING in my daily work environment to, every time I import images, have to navigate within a VERY NESTED network/folder structure (very unique work environment yes, noted) and having to open every little triangle to dig down to source folder.


Does anyone know if there is a 'pin' function or "remember last location" etc?

Again, agreed this is a very non-standard working method but... it's how it has to be.

Thanks for any tips or tricks (or box of Kleenex to wipe my continued-woes-tears!)

Feb 1, 2010
West Sussex, UK
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In the Import Dialog, click in the "Select a Source" box top left, that will give a drop-down list of all recent sources, the most recent at the top. Clicking on any item in that list will indeed select that as the source for the new import.
Nov 30, 2012
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I’m on a Mac too, but I just about never dig through or even touch the source part of the Import dialog box. The reason is that the images I want to import are usually already visible in an open window in the Finder desktop, or sometimes in Adobe Bridge or another file browser. So I just drag and drop the images or folder from where I see them, and drop them on the Lightroom Classic application icon in the Dock. Lightroom Classic responds to that drag-and-drop operation by opening the Import dialog box with the dropped images selected for immediate import.

If Lightroom Classic is open to the Library module, you can also drop images into the application window, and the Import dialog box will pop up.

Basically, I try to avoid drilling down through nested folders whenever I can, so I look for shortcuts like drag and drop. Both Apple and Adobe generally do a pretty good job of supporting drag-and-drop as a time-saving shortcut for sending files between applications. (If an application makes you use the standard Import (Open) file system dialog box, the shortcut is to drop a file from the desktop into the file list in the dialog box; that makes the dialog box go straight to that folder, again avoiding having to navigate a folder hierarchy within the dialog box.)

If I didn’t use drag-and-drop, I would instead use the Recent list of sources that Jim Wilde talked about.