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Photoshop Virtual Summit 2023

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The Summit is from October 30 through November 3. Like previous Photoshop Virtual Summit events, it's free to watch.

This event will have something for everyone who uses or is planning to use Photoshop. The previous Creativity Summit back in April concentrated on more creative and design-based techniques. But like previous Photoshop Summits, this one has an Agenda that will be useful whether you've used Photoshop for years (it has all the added features in Photoshop in the Course) or you're just starting out.

Like before, all classes are free to watch for a 48 period once they go live. There's also an optional VIP Pass available for purchase that gives you lifetime access to the recordings of all classes, along with audio recordings, instructor-provided class notes, and downloadable files. The VIP regular price is $159, but from now up until Noon (EDT) on October 30th, the Early Bird price is $99.

Here's the link to Register now.

We've had several emails asking how to obtain the VIP Pass. There is a link on the landing page when you're registering (it's white text on purple and reads 'Tell me about the VIP Pass'), but if you register for the free pass, you'll get an email back from Dave Cross and in that, there is a specific link for the VIP Pass.

Quite a number of previous Attendees have also contacted us to say how much they have enjoyed previous Summits, too!
I feel I need to tell you guys what a fantastic opportunity the Photoshop Virtual Summit offers.
This actually defies the old adage about 'if it looks too good to be true then it's probably too good to be true'.
All of these presenters offer paid virtual training courses but here they give their time for free.
I have learned a lot from previous Summits. There's always something tucked away deep in the bowels of Photoshop that 99.9% of users didn't know was there.
There is a cost if you require continuing lifetime access to the presentations, but for the first 48 hours they are free for as many viewings as you want to make during that period. Even the cost of the VIP pass (I think it's about £78.00) is not over the top.
Considering how much some of the virtual courses that pop up on Instagram or Facebook are costing. This has to be a 'no-brainer'.
Not every presentation is relevant to your particular type of photography, but the content is well explained beforehand allowing you to select.
You don't get much for nowt in life so don't let this offer escape you.
I am in no way whatsoever connected with the summit or any of the presenters.

Keith Bailey
Just by way of a reminder:

If you're considering purchasing a VIP Pass, the Early Bird price of $99 ends Monday at Noon EDT. Then, the regular price of $159 takes effect.
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