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Photos exported from LR to Photoshop showing strange behaviour when re-imported

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Steve Palmer

Premium Classic Member
Sep 3, 2017
King's Lynn, Norfolk
Lightroom Experience
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Lightroom Classic 11.1
Operating System
  1. macOS 12 Monterey
I have just upgraded to a MacBook M1. I can export to Photoshop (which I need to run under Rosetta due to the plugins I use). When I save the photo in Photoshop (tiff) it imports fine into LR except that the preview in Grid mode and in the navigator pain in Loupe (but not the main picture) flash between the old preview and the new. Any ideas on what is happening and how to stop it?
Are you starting with a TIFF in Lightroom-Classic and Exporting to Photoshop?
If that is the case-
Are you renaming the exported file in the Export dialog?
Does the file you 'save' in Ps (possibly) overwrite the original TIFF?
I suspect (but do not know) your workflow is confusing the Preview cache. Or there is some corruption in the Catalog Previews that gets refreshed when you re-start LrC.
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