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Library module Photo selection in publish service after editing

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May 30, 2017
Costa Rica
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Operating System: Windows 10
Lightroom Version: LR Classic CC 7.1

After editing the metadata of a published photo within the collection of a Publish Service, the thumbnail will be moved up to the section "Modified Photos to Re-Publish", but the selection will disappear. It does not remain on the edited photo that was moved up after editing. The selection jumps to the photo, which followed the edited one in the "Published Photos" section.

This behavior leads to erroneous entries if the metadata of the photo should be edited further. Since the thumbnail jumps to the upper section after every small change to the metadata, it is often the case that there will be more changes to the metadata, which may be incorrectly applied to the wrong selected photo in the "Published Photos" section.

It would be very convenient for my workflow if this behavior would be changed with the next update in such a way that the selection remains on the edited photo after the first change of the metadata.
Yes, I agree with you. I don't edit in the published section because of this, I switch back to the folder. But yes, this is a pain.

Another option (not pretty) is to just mark them all to republish first, then edit them all in the modified section where they don't jump around.

By the way, if you happen to do this with Smugmug's plugin, be aware that the republish does not actually upload the image, it just changes Smugmug's database of metadata, so downloads of the image do not include the change. Not sure on other plugins.
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