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Photo changes when switching to Develop

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Apr 18, 2018
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Classic CC 7.3.1
Operating System
  1. Windows 7
Dear all: hope you can help.

I am running the 7.3.1 release of Classic CC on a Windows 7 desktop PC.

* Previously, when I looked at a photo in the Library module, then clicked to go into the Develop module, that photo was automatically displayed on-screen in Develop. I could get to work on it straight away.

* Now, when I do that, the Develop module defaults back to showing the first photo in that Catalog, creating an annoying workflow slowdown as I scroll through to try and find the photo I wanted..

* This is happening whether I am looking at the whole folder in Library view, or whether I am working in a Collection.

Help! Anyone have any clue why? And how do I get to where I was before please?

Thanks and best wishes to all who make this forum such a terrific place!

Did that help Andy? Or where are you up to now? Oh, and update to 7.4!
Hi Victoria, the problem disappeared after I rebooted the PC. Just a bit of Lightroom weirdness :)

Yes I'll be updating to 7.4 when I get a breather. In fact I'm going to set it up now, carpe diem etc ...
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