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Aug 25, 2012
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I just suffered the irretrievable death of my iMac. Data and photos are all backed up ok.

I'm doing a clean install of everything, rather than a restore from backup. (It seemed like an opportune time)

I'm having difficult finding the 'major version' of 6 for my perpetual license. Can someone point me to the downloadable file please? I can find the upgrade files ok, it's just the major version I'm hunting.

Hmm I found it mentioned in My Adobe so I downloaded the CC 2016 installer. This quite after 30 minutes of download (slow connection) with an Error code of A12E1. Searching for that on Adobe gives me nothing useful that has worked.
Hi Jim

I've been there but there are only for releases

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If you expand the Adobe Lightroom 6 section, you should see this:


Click on the relevant Application Installer to get the full program, install it, then download and install the appropriate update.
I don't think it is, Johan....pretty sure that it's the base 6.0 version, so that you can install that then choose which update you want to apply on top.
Jim and Johan I'm now more confused.

Is one of the the full version of 6.0?

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CC and Perpetual version are the same software installer and application.
The license is different, that is all.

CC and Perpetual version are the same software installer and application.
The license is different, that is all.

And it's the license that determines which features are active. Adobe doesn't make this very clear.

I'm aware of that. But I'm still looking for a 6.0 download.

All of the links marked as Dot releases download a 'Setup.dmg' which, when run, says it's not applicable to me. I'm guessing I need that Dot Zero file that I'm still searching for.

Does anyone know where it is? Victoria???????


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John, are you not seeing the same screen as me when you click on the link I sent you and expand the Lightroom 6 section? Specifically the "Download" link as per this:


If you don't see this, can you post a screenshot of what you DO see?

And if all else fails, you could get the base 6.0 version from here: Adobe CC 2015 Direct Download Links: Creative Cloud 2015 Release and then apply the relevant update
What I was confused with, and what may be an easier solution for thd OP, is that if you download the Lightroom trial version, you should get an installer that installs 6.8/CC2015.8 right away. Then, using your licence number, you should be able to convert that to a working 6.8 version.
Ah yes Jim.

Now I see what this means. When I read it as 'All' I assumed it meant 'All' of the updates. (as opposed to LR dot zero)

Up and running now.

Thanx Muchly
Good to hear....
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