Pen Mouse mini 'Review'

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Nov 20, 2012
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Hi All,

I just got a wireless pen mouse, along with an Intuos Pro small - and thought I'd give my thoughts about the pen mouse.

For $11 (the price when I ordered it), the pen mouse might be a great alternative to a graphics tablet. Since I do also have a tablet now - I'd say of course the tablet would be best.. But one might very well be able to get just as good with maneuvering the pen mouse vs. a regular mouse. It's quite a handy little device, even if you already have a tablet. I use it on my lap/leg the most and it's perfect for that!

Anyhoo, here is a link for the one I got.. For $11/FS, you can not go wrong with it! (btw, it actually has 3 DPI settings, not 2.)

There are also versions with the the bottom of the pen tip that act as the left-click button, which might imitate a tablet more closely.. But since I knew I was getting a tablet at the same time, I felt that this one would better facilitate use on my leg. My thinking was that having the button on the bottom would get 'caught' on clothing.
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