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PC Performance on Import


New Member
Dec 8, 2007
Lightroom Version
Lightroom Version
6.14 Perpetual
Operating System
Windows 10
Evening all,

Time has come for an upgrade to the PC (desktop), having recently bought the latest XPS15 FHD 16gig Ram etc I did a test on it.

Import 1000 1DX2 Raw files and Generate 1:1 previews, took 20 minutes. Do the same again but this time add in my usual develop preset and the process now takes 1 hour.

My question then, if I were to build a new PC, what part of the spec and configuration would speed up the applying the develop preset on import.



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Mar 21, 2015
Dublin, Ireland.
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Check if you need to apply sharpening and or noise reduction at time of import. There may be a few other "edits" which may be resource heavy. Hopefully someone may comment. This might improve your current experience before upgrading.

Irrespective of machine spec make sure your catalog and Lr Cache folders are on an SSD (and configure PS to use the SSD for cache also).

I answered a query re hardware build on this post.
PC custom-built for LR or PS?

It may be worth reading and also check if there are any follow up comments.