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Print module page setup paper sizes missing

Elbow Valley Marc

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Oct 17, 2018
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  1. macOS 14 Sonoma
All of a sudden standard American paper sizes are missing in the Page Setup dialog box. They still appear in Photoshop. Mac os 14.4 / LRC 13.2 / MacMini
Odd, I didn't think those were LR-specific, but were set by the driver. Could it be something changed with the macOS update to 14.4 I wonder. Do they show in other programs like Preview?
The problem is LR specific. The dialog boxes for PS and other programs show the print sizes for my three EPSON printers. The dialog boxes for LR do not. And the LR problem is the same for other printers as well. So, the only issue must be LR itself. I had a tech from Adobe look at my system and could not solve the problem.
Problem occurs in Capture One as well as in LR (Use both)
But if you use the built-in programmes in MacOS (imageviewer/photos) all paper sizes are shown
What happens if you select ‘Managed by Printer’ for color management? Victoria is right; this is a MacOS dialog, not a Lightroom dialog. However, when Lightroom does the color management, MacOS knows that and turns off color management in the printer driver. Perhaps there is a bug that also causes these missing paper sizes. If I select a simple laser printer (the only printer I have right now) then I do not see this problem on my Mac with Lightroom Classic 13.2 and MacOS Sonoma 14.4.
The problem remains when "Managed by Printer" or using an ICC profile
Well, if I want to print from LR, I don't get all standard paper sizes, but if I choose edit in PS and go to PS, I can print in all paper sizes..
It gets worse. The Print Module UI doesn't change between portrait and landscape normally any more. I created a custom 17x25 paper size managed to get it turned for landscape and ran a print but it came out all messed up - cropped and printed in the bottom, right corner of the sheet. Performed 15 prints yesterday that were perfect. I did a uninstall/reinstall to no effect. I guess this morning's upgrade to Mac Sonoma 14.4 is suspect number one. This is crazy.
It's been reported to Adobe as a bug, it's not yet clear whether it's an Apple or Adobe issue, but it's definitely specific to macOS 14.4 update.
This is still happening today, running OS 14.4, LRC 13.2. I tried going back to LRC 13.1 to no effect. Then I did an uninstall before reinstalling 13.2. It didn't help. Proper papers sizes are there in the most recent versions of Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, so the problem seems to be LRC specific.
I understand Capture One users are reporting the same issue, so I suspect they are using the same (now-broken) API as Lightroom. It's not yet clear whether the fix will come from Adobe or Apple.
Also experiencing this problem, which started just a few days ago. This thread is the first I’ve seen addressing the specific issue. In my case, the first symptom was the sudden loss of the ‘Paper in Rear Feeder’ option: jobs kept demanding the rear paper feed slot instead.. No other apps have a problem with the paper options, not even Photoshop.

I’m running LrC Classic 13.2 under macOS Sonoma on an M1 Mac mini, printing to an EpsonET8500 and have had no previous problems printing from Lightroom. The workaround is to export files to Epson Print Layout; this does an excellent job but I find Lightroom more flexible with regard to layouts..

Re-installing Lightroom through the Creative Cloud app (after trying resetting Preferences) made things worse: LrC has now lost ALL photo paper options! Super annoying and in need of a fix from Adobe asap.
Super annoying and in need of a fix from Adobe asap.
More likely Apple, as C1 is also affected (it was specifically the Sonoma update that caused it)

We will advise if we get any news!