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Nov 12, 2010
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I have been persuaded by reading on internet and on here that it is no detriment to have all my personal photos in one LR catalogue rather than multiple ones for each area of interest.

I usually create collections and keywords to enable me to find specific images more easily - however I have now got a list of collections and keywords which is massive and takes tme to find the collection I want from the list. I have multiple hobbies and areas of my life which require keywords and collections of their own but which aren't related to each other.

The answer to my question may be to do with smart collections and keywords - I admit not knowing much about how these work but I would like to know if there is a way I can create a master collection eg Wildlife and then have sub collections within it eg Birds, Insects, Mammals etc and similarly with keywords - obviously keywords are very specific - can I create a subset of a Keyword? - eg specific Bird types under the master keyword of Birds?

Yes you need to look into hierarchical keywords. Using this example:
............Bald Eagles
............Ruby Throated

A Smart Collection can be constructed with criteria
to return ALL birds
And a Smart Collection can be constructed with criteria
{Keywords}{does not contain}{alligator}

will return all images that have the keyword "Nests" including hummingbirds and eagles but not Alligator nests

Any time that you assign a keyword that meets one of your smart collection criteria, the image will automatically be added to the smart collection

You can also create collection sets - nested collections which you can collapse to make your collection panel tidier and more compact.
Here is an example (of part) of my Collection Panel
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