Open Raw/DNG in Photoshop without creating a TIFF/PSD on XP



Lightroom 2.x should open Raw or DNG files in Photoshop CS3/4 without creating a tiff or psd copy before.

It only works with a English version of XP, because Lightroom or the underlying Bridgetalk script doesn't read the Registry key for localized names of the 'Common files' folder, where the Camera Raw Plugin is stored.

i.e. on German XP this path is:
\Programme\Gemeinsame Dateien\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CS4\File Formats

After creating the following folder structure
\Programme\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CS4\File Formats
and placing a copy of ACR in it, it works as expected and doesn't create a copy before sending the image to Photoshop.

'Programme' is the localized name for the english 'Program files' folder and can have different names in other languages. This path is read correctly from Lightroom.

This bug exists on all language versions of XP, where the 'Common files' folder has its own name.
This is a XP only problem, because Vista doesn't localize these system paths.

This Bug exists on all versions of Lightroom from 2.' to 2.3RC (actual version when writing this tip).

I wrote a bug report to Adobe and maybe it will be fixed in future versions.