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OneDrive configuration with Lightroom


New Member
May 2, 2020
Lightroom Version
Operating System
Windows 10
Hi Community!

I have accessed these forums multiple times to solve queries regarding Lightroom and for that, I want to say many thanks. I have a query regarding using OneDrive with LR for which I have not exactly been able to find an answer.

I had a Microsoft 365 Personal account lying around so I have 1TB storage available on OneDrive for the next year. I already have an external 2TB HDD and a student Google Drive account (unlimited storage but I am not sure for how long) that I can use for backup. I wanted to use an online storage solution just in case, as this HDD has already faulted once in the past year. So I will define my problem below:

Where I will be storing my RAW files and catalog (Primary): Local Disk D on my laptop (1TB space available, my C is an SSD of 250GB)

Where I will be backing up both RAW files and catalog (Secondary): HDD, Google Drive and OneDrive

(No NAS option in consideration right now)

My Query:
From what I understand, OneDrive creates a folder locally on my hard disk. Any file inside this is synced with the OneDrive cloud. All the OneDrive tutorials mention copying the file you want to backup to this local OneDrive folder and the sync will happen automatically. But this also leads to the case of duplicating the file and eating up my hard disk. Plus it would not be feasible to copy again and again to this folder to make sure that changes are being synced to the cloud.

The other option I thought of is to keep the LR catalog and RAW files in this OneDrive folder itself and solve the duplication and syncing concern. However, I think this would slow down Lightroom considerably. Also, if I keep the entire workflow in this OneDrive folder, will it be possible for me to continue backing up to my HDD and Google Drive? If after this one year period of Microsoft 365 Personal, I decide to move to some other cloud service, for example, Dropbox, will that be possible without causing too many problems?

If someone has gone through this decision process before or has a better approach, do advise. Please suggest a sustainable strategy for my LR workflow and Backup process given my options. I do not want to spend too much time worrying about missing files or dealing with hours of waiting just because a sync process is going on in the background.

Hope to hear from you guys soon!