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One image stuck in Sync Activity, want to clear it but can not identify it.


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Jan 10, 2024
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  1. macOS 14 Sonoma
Hi all.

I have FINALLY completed a huge syncing of 225,000 smart previews from Classic, and 35,000 originals from cloud. All synced and backed up in cloud apps and classic. Weeks of waiting. And endless headaches eventually resulting in a complete delete and re-upload. Anyway, now I have green ticks and blue synced and backed up marks.

HOWEVER, there is a single image stuck Downloading in Sync Activity. Clicking the Asset Path/Link opens up a dead end in Lightroom web that never loads the image or any info for it. The Sync Details/Errors text says: "this photo is missing updated settings from 'my MacBook' that need to be downloaded before they can be applied."

The Asset Path/Link consists of strings of characters that give no hint of the identity of the file in question.

Looking at another thread currently ongoing I tried the Log Out of LRC and Creative Cloud and restarted my laptop before logging back in. Unlike the success others had in the other thread this image remains stuck in Sync.

I could just leave it be and forget about it as everything else is working, but its irritating to have this one error sat there unresolved after so much time spent trying to get as close as I am now to having it all squared away.

Any advice on how to ID the file and fix the issue would be appreciated.




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Click on the link in blue and LrC will take you to the image file if it is LrC. Other wise, you can scroll the long link to find the name of the file in the Adobe Cloud. (Hint, It might be a video)

Also, the file might be fine and synced since the message doe not seem to show an error.
As I said the link is just a string of gibberish text that reveals nothing useful for finding the image via search in Cloud or Classic.

And, as I said, clicking the link leads to a lightroom.adobe.com page that never loads fully:

If you can divine anything useful out of the URL please let me know:


And yes, the images are all synced and there's no problems other that it being reported as downloading. So it may be a non issue. But still one I would like to resolve.

Edit, screen shot of full link attached as forum seems to shorten long urls. Second edit, there are no videos in this catalog.



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    Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 00.10.20.png
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That “gibberish” is called a GUID (A Guaranteed Unique ID ) used for generated locations. The Link is trying to open you a web view of your Adobe Cloud. It may be too long to fit in the field that LrC has provided. Which is why it does not resolve to a specific image.

You can open Lightroom (Desktop/Mobile) and check the Recent Edits for an idea which image might be the victim.

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There are only 6 images in recent edits in Lightroom on desktop, tweaking develop setting on those, and adding/removing flags, see the see those changes Sync to LrC but it does not seem to include the problem image.

If Classic can not present enough of the URL for it to be openable then how will I ever find the rogue image out of 260,000 odd images? Its not giving any Sync issues in lightroom.adobe.com.

Honestly I could just forget about it but I have had so many issues over the last 3 months getting this all working that I'm reluctant to just let it go.

Thanks again