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Brad Snyder

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Nov 20, 2007
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All the problems I've heard of seem to be associated with nVidia.

But given the dramatic improvement I'm seeing with just a couple of switch settings, it may be worth it to see if you can find the control settings for your Radeon, make a note of the current settings for backup, and start twiddling stuff.
Ok then

well, i need to do something.

94 minutes to load 536 images and render standard previews along with the extra 25 minutes involved with 7 freezes, 3 total crashes, reboots and integrity checks is driving me nuts.
Braders, re: video settings. From the author of the original tip, he says that his research led him to turn off all 3D optimization kinds of things in his video driver. Things like texture mapping, and other 3D rendering things which are important to high frame rate video game performance.

Look thru your Radeon drivers for settings impacting those.

Sean, that's how the LR2 experience for been for many of us. As I said in another forum, if this had been my first exposure to LR, I'd have never considered it. I get screen freezes and white-outs, just scrolling the Panels. Crap, *I've* written better performing software than this. This nVidia tweak has been a god-send to my situation.

Here's hoping the promised dot release levels the playing field for most/all users.
Thanks Brad for the link you posted in this thread ('2-'9-2''8) about Nvidia cards/drivers, (L/R 2) after a quick read i have set my Nvidia 76''GT to the settings in the post. Well what a difference no slow sliders and brush working as it should, and PS/CS3 smoother as well BONUS.........
I have been following this thread and while I was not experiencing problems I have a dated Dell Dimension 83'' system purchased in Feb 2''4.
It has the following display card, NVidia GeForce FX 52'' (I expect that newer PC's have newer NVidia cards). I then checked and updated my driver from the installed 2''3 to the latest version dated June 2''6. After installing the new driver I immediately experienced a far better performance in the rendering of images on my display particularly when moving to 1:1 in Library and Develop mode. I tested the "brush" tool and have not had any problems.
Maybe some of the newer cards are causing problems and it would be useful for those having problems to indicate specifics.
Denis there is one thing i have come across and this is for windows/pc users, Microsoft Updates for Vista will load and change settings of Nvidia cards using microsofts own driver which upsets things abit. Twice this month my wife's pc's desktop has gone big ( icons large and moved etc) and i have found MS G/Card driver installed, so if L/R starts to behave oddly check your Nvidia drivers..
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