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May 23, 2011
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I have been unable to post an album directly to a FB page were I have Edit privileges.

When I publish a collection to that page, from the publish add-on, using the non-user option, they appear as individual images.

The owner of the page tells me that collections should get put into albums automatically, just as they do when i post a collection to my FB page.

I have found a half dozen empty albums on the other page, that show up under Catalog; the non-user option, that I can use, but there appears to be no way for me to create an empty album to add images to.

It has been suggested that I go the the page and add an image, and create an album when the option appears, then go into Lr, select the album, delete the image, then add my collection to it. But is a work-around, which forces me to start on the FB page. I want it to work like it does when I post to my page, without having to start on FB and jump through all those hoops.

I've watched several tutorials on how to publish to FB but none of them addresses the non-user option, which appears to a fairly new addition.
I've sorted this issue out, at long last. btw, the response I got here, from Rikki, redirected to the place where this question was originally posted. It redirected so fast that I had to do a quick screen caption, the instant it appeared, so I read it as a screen shot. Anyway, here is how I finally figured it out, once I had the "Non-User" publish set up.
  • I Created an album in FB
  • In Lr I selected Create a collection
  • Then I Select the "non-user Existing album" radio button and selected the album I created earlier in FB


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Maybe I just wasn't clear, though I frequently made reference to: "from inside Lr" using the Publish add-on.

I couldn't create an album inside Lr, the collections I posted loaded as individual images. When I post a collection to my page they publish as an album, but when I post a collection to my non-user page they publish as a list of images; not contained in an album. I wanted to force a published collection into my non-user page as an album.

I was frustrated by the fact that I had to first create a dummy album, with a dummy image on the non-user page, from inside FB then later remove the dummy image from inside Lr. Why can I publish a collection that becomes an album to my page but not to my non-user page. the owner of that page informed me that if I posted a collection it would load as an album, which is true; if you own the page, but not if you a non-user.

I'm sorry if I lead you one a wild goose chase and I appreciate the great effort you put forth to solve the problem for me.
I am truly sorry, but the whole "publish" concept, especially as it applies to a "non-user" FB page, was so foreign to me that I couldn't really develop a question that made sense. I couldn't see the trees for the forest.

When doctors explain things to patients they are often confused by the explanation because they lack an understanding that is hard for the doctor to appreciate. That's when the patient come to me, a nurse, for clarification of the question which, the doctor didn't really understand in the first place. but which the patient was sure was clear.

I just didn't grasp the concepts, or the available options, which may seem odd to you but not to me.
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