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Import No exif metadata showing up

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Mar 30, 2020
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Lightroom classic
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  1. Windows 11
I'm using a Sony a7r iv. When I download my photos they no longer show basic metadata(lens, settings e.t.c. ). I don't know if it's a setting or if it's my camera or the large files? When I right click and go to properties then details and the only thing that's there is the size of the photo. I need help.
When I right click and go to properties then details and the only thing that's there is the size of the photo
Are you saying that the metadata is not showing in Windows Explorer or LrC? Windows and LrC do not necessarily show the same XMP, EXIF,IPTC etc data for specific named fields.
Are you looking at the Details tab of the properties window?

And what do you see in the Metadata panel of LRC after you import one of the images?
How about a screen shot of the metadata panel in LRC? Make sure the dropdown is set to EXIF:
2022-02-18 16_15_16-5-2-2-2-v10-v11 - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic - Library.png
In the Metadata panel, make sure the Default tagset is selected. If you only see blank fields, like this:

then click the little icon in the upper-left corner. That toggles between Edit Only Mode and View And Edit Mode, as explained by the tool tips:


When I upgraded to LR 11, this new toggle was initially in Edit Only Mode, which is obviously not a good default.
Thank you guys so much, I've been ready to beat my head against the wall! I scrolled down and yes it was set on default instead of exif. Now everything's there. You are amazing!

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