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Sep 13, 2022
After trying to avoid the Adobe/LR ecosystem, I have decided to test the waters.

I am here because of the many good reviews about The Queen and this forum.

I am a Mac user. I had relied on Apple's Photo ecosystem but I now find it too limiting.

For the past 5yrs, I have been doing my post processing in Luminar which has been just fine.

Except, I have no real cataloging/DAM structure so I have 45k images labelled in folders and on 4TB hard drives that I continually backup.

My first hope is that LR's catalog structure will be helpful.

I use several cameras: Sony A7R3, Nikon D750 and several Fuji bodies.

I am concerned the LR will not play well with the Fuji RAF raw files. (at least, that seems to be the dominant thought on Fuji forums!)


I need to import my Apple Photo files.

I need to figure out a sauce/settings that will allow the Fuji files to be their best.

And I need to learn/create my own LR Classic workflow so I will see post processing as an opportunity rather than a chore.

Thumbs up.

I should have mentioned, I welcome any thoughts about any of the concerns I touched on.

I am truly here to learn.

Welcome to the forum. I would suggest playing around and creating some test catalogs before importing your entire set of images, only to find that you wanted to set things up differently. I suggest making a copy of several folders of images (i.e. files that you can dispose of after playing around since they are copies) and creating a catalog. Then, you can see if you want to do any changes before creating your main catalog.

Good luck,

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