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New video options in LR Desktop

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Jan 25, 2011
Edinburgh, Scotland
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My main product (on Photography Plan) has always been LR Classic. But, now that LR Desktop can edit video easily, how do others see how workflow should be adapted to cope.

I have a GoPro, a DJI drone, and in addition I shoot some video on my DSLR. The net result is that I have over 4000 video files in LR Classic, which I have always downloaded and imported into LR Classic. There is always a mix of Still images and Video from each camera. As Classic doesn't sync video to the Cloud, these files tend just to sit in LR Classic till I need them and work on them usually with a third party product. Many of them are never looked at again.

Now I can edit easily in LR desktop though, I want to investigate some (not all) of these files into LR Desktop as it is so easy to edit them inside the program.

But as the video files (often large) are already sitting on my desktop, what would be the optimum way to work.

As far as I can see, simply adding them in LR Desktop would sync them up to the Cloud and (potentially) then back down again, so I could end up with two copies on the PC - a recipe for disaster. Even if I delete them from LR Classic itself, I could still have two files on disk. I do understand I could delete the originals once posted to LR Desktop - which to be fair it will be relatively easy to do. I also understand that I could set Preferences to NOT keep a local copy.

I obviously don't want to send all my existing files to the Cloud, and I would probably need to separate those I want to work on and leave those I don't in the old LR Classic catalog with local storage, and send the others to the Cloud, deleting my local copy.

I assume that unlike with Classic, any synced files would count to the 20Gb in my Photography plan which may be a major issue when looking at video.

Has anyone got comments on how they have set up workflow?
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