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Jan 18, 2009
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Happy New Year all.
OK, I'm having the same problem others have posted earlier.
I can either have a camera connected via USB or insert the card.
I select:
New Photos
Don't Import Suspected Duplicates

Despite that , EVERY PHOTO ON THE CARD (or CARDS if on USB and there are 2 in the camera) IS SELECTED. Ditto when I connect a phone or tablet.
Sometimes I import from a phone first since it has GPS data. I have to UNCHECK ALL then select those I I want for my file structure of:

Then I go to import images from a camera which are going to have to go into the same folders and all hell breaks loose. As usual now Lightroom cannot differentiate between New Photos and those already catalogued, so I have to select them manually. The destination panel shows the folders but if I try clicking on them to select the photos, that won't work. I tried unchecking them in the grid so I could just check the dates and no ....that doesn't work now. I have to go back into the grid and select them manually.

I would just use Windows Explorer to do it and 'Sync' the folder in LR, but then the Metadata preset doesn't get applied.

I do not understand why this is broken again. What should be a 2 minute process can now take 20.

I'm not sure when this started but I'm beginning to wonder if it was when the whole catalog was re-built for the latest version of Lightroom Classic.

I'm just wondering why the heck Lightroom is no longer capable of recognizing which photos are NEW and why the Import process has now become so cumbersome.

Anyone familiar with this?

Windows 10 latest build, LR 11.1.
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