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New Lightroom Classic annoyance: LR unresponsive for no reason

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Oct 28, 2015
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  1. Windows 10
I don't think I've ever experienced exactly this before.

1. Open LR Classic in Library Grid.
2. LR takes a short while to initialize and appears ready for work. This is normal.
3. Within maybe 10-15 seconds LR becomes unresponsive and stays that way for about 2 minutes. LR CPU% always between 4-5%. Total CPU for all processes about 6%. No disk activity.
4. After that it seems to be working as it should.

I haven't experienced this until about 1 week ago.

I was still on version 12.2 so I upgraded to 12.3 to see if that would resolve.

After having to repair Creative Cloud app I installed 12.3. That didn't help. Still having same experience.

I thought maybe it was due to number of photos displayed in grid so I reduced display from 1161 photos to only 32 photos. That didn't help.

System info attached.




  • Lightroom system info May 31 2023.txt
    12.9 KB · Views: 61
I would not be so sure. At irregular intervals I see this behaviour (freezing for a minute or more) too.
Lr frequently runs background tasks .... either housekeeping, or completing activities such as synching with the cloud..... So occasional events as described are possible. The tasks may not be cpu intensive...but they may lock other activity while in progress. There are a million combinations of possibilities, so without detailed checking... it may be difficult to diagnose a specific combo.

Check if any Lr background tasks running.

Leave Lr running for a reasonable time, with no activity and no screen saver active... and see if it flushes out any background tasks.
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