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Jul 17, 2013
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Hi guys,

I do have a new "missing images that are not missing" issue. Allthough I think it's an official bug, someone might have an idea. (I'm running a German Lightroom version so the translation of the functions I used might not 100% match with the wording in the US Lightroom but I guess you'll get my point):

When I use the "Sync folder" function lightroom tells me that 2 images are missing:


Both images are not missing and they are exactly in the folder which they should be. Even more interesting is the fact that when I use the "Find missing images" option Lightroom tells me that no image is missing.

As I also don't see that exclamation mark to manually match the database-entry with the real image, I decided to temporarily move the original file manually to a different location in order to force the exclamation mark to appear. That also didn't help, but at least: "Sync folder" shows 2 missing images and "Find missing images" shows 2 missing images, so both functions at least come to the same result. I know see an exclamation mark and can link the images. Once I drag them into the right folder (of course I use Lightroom to move the file) everything is like before: "Find missing images" is fine, but "Sync folder" shows two missing files.

The only thing which Lightroom might have an issue with (which in my opinion is still a bug) is:

I do have two mp4 files which do have the same filename (except for the file extension of course): 20150508_000000.mp4 and 20150511_000000.mp4. I doubt that this can lead to issues, but I don't have any other explanation right now.

Any idea?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Best regards,

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It sounds like a bug that crops up with "Sync Folders" from time to time, though I haven't seen a report for a year or so. As far as I know, nobody has been able to pin down the exact cause, hence it's never been fixed. You're fortunate that it only happens with two images, I know one guy had over 9000 images reported as missing when using the "Sync folders".

I can't really help, but with only two images it's easy enough to workaround. If it keeps happening with other folders report back and we'll maybe try digging a little deeper.
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