My Hard drives are a mess, and Aperture won't copy to new HD

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May 31, 2016
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I have been using Aperture, and want to switch to LR. My Mac Hard drive is nearly full, and I have another External HD that is also full with Misc pictures not linked to Aperture Just files. I am trying to get all of my pictures in one place and organized.
I was going to start by copying the Aperture files over to my New WD 4TB Hard drive, Then I was going to put the Misc Picture files from the full External drive into Aperture on the new WD external drive. Then I was going to get my files in order in Aperture, because thats what I know best at this point.

When I tried to copy the files it stopped after about 45 Minutes and said the process was interrupted because some of the files were missing (or something like that).
I did try and move a few folders over one at a time and had no problems doing that.
I am thinking I may need to move everything over like this to try and narrow down what files has the data issue. But I figured I'd ask here for help before I do something that will only further complicate things.

Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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There is a plugin to import Aperture Libraries into a LR catalog. When you do the import, you are able to specify a destination folder to copy or move the original image files. Then you can perform another import into LR for all of the image files that are NOT in the Aperture Libraries. This is the approach that I would recommend. You will still run into problems with image files cataloged in the Aperture Library that are not in the location where they were listed in the Aperture Library (i.e. Missing files).
Can we assume you are using the Finder to copy files?

And you were copying, not moving, right? (There's a difference. A "copy" copies, leaving the original. A "move" copies and deletes in one operation). Copying would be safer.

If your drives are nearly full it can be slower to copy over. In fact a very full drive is rather risky, since for optimum performance a Mac needs some free space for virtual memory and other operations. So do some folders, make sure they are OK, then delete and empty the trash to free up space as you go along.

I'd agree that using Aperture to get organized before importing might be a good idea. But be aware of the differences between the applications so you don't waste your time doing stuff in Aperture that doesn't convert. Maybe test a small Aperture library with a structure and features you use with a test catalog in Lr to see how it works.
If you use 'Relocate Originals' in Aperture, and Aperture has lost the links to some of your (referenced) images, then you would indeed expect to get an error from Aperture saying that some files could not be moved because they are missing. Here's a link to a site that explains how to reconnect them.
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